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What do your packages include?

WhatS the difference between an ELOPEMENT and AN INTIMATE WEDDING?

Our one of a kind pre-designed packages include everything... I mean everything we could possibly get done with out you!

The shorter list would be what it doesn't include.

Which would be

-Travel expences

-Your marriage license

-Your outfits

- The creation of your guest list.


ALL packages include photography by myself (Dallas Olga Photo)

If you are designing a custom day and I am unavailable for your chosen date, photography is included by one of my team members (Dallas Olga Photo + co)

have you been to all these locations ?

I have been to and met vendors at all the locations in our pre-designed packages. If you are doing a custom designed elopement or intimate wedding- I have a long list of suggested locations, however- if you have a specific location in mind. I may have not have been to your location before. When planning in locations I have never been before- I travel to the international locations about a week prior to your wedding to iron out any of the details!



What locations do you offer wedding planning for?

We offer wedding planning and packages for all around the world.

Are there any additional costs in your pre-planned wedding packages?

Do you do the same ONE OF A KIND PRE_DESIGNED wedding packages multiple times?

We are fully transparent in our pricing, there is no hidden costs. The upfront price of the wedding is the all-inclusive price. Travel costs for the couple & their guests are not included.

Short answer, no.

We want each and every one of our weddings to be unique, we will never offer the same pre-designed wedding package twice. Our packages may be similar, but one of our weddings will never be

duplicated. They should be just as unique as our couples. Your more than welcome to pull inspiration for your own custom designed wedding from our past one of a kind pre-designed weddings. But once a wedding design is sold- it will never be repeated.

are travel expenses included ?

My (Dallas') Travel expenses are included in all the pre-planned packages and select custom designed packages depending on location.

Your and your guests travel expenses are not included in the pre-designed packages.

What happens if it rains or bad weather occurs?

Can I add on to PRE-DESIGNED packages?

Step 1- we touch base with our couple. Maybe hosting your wedding in the pouring rain is something right up your alley and we will move forward with this part of the day. Perhaps this is not your ideal wedding day. We will have backup plans for each and every single wedding package we offer. Whether that be transitioning to using an event tent, moving celebrations indoors is the location allows or….!?

Great question! We are open to any discussions you want to have. Maybe this means wanting to add 3 boutonnières to your package. In this case, yes we can arrange for the extra and add it to your invoice. Want to change some aspects of the décor? No, unfortunately in our pre-planned packages we have already planned all the details and will not be able to change the décor. But, if you have a dream we encourage you to check out of custom weddings and elopements page where you have full rein of all choices for you day! We will say this- it never hurts to ask us, don’t be shy we are more than happy to help.

Can I have a wedding party?

Of course!! our one of a kind pre-designed wedding packages is priced to only include the brides bouquet & hair/make-up, however if you'd like to include bridesmaids, minor adjustments can allows be made!