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WhatS the difference between an ELOPEMENT and AN INTIMATE WEDDING?

What do your packages include?

This is a difficult question to answer, since every package is so customizable. But the best answer I can give you is this-

The BASE PRICE includes all wedding + elopement ceremony expenses, planning & photography

Additional options or expenses to budget for are reception / dinner vendors, videography, travel + accommodation expenses, experiences, day of wedding coordination and outfits.

Once we have more details- we will give you a detailed expense report so you can plan accordingly

An elopement you, your spouse, 2 witnesses and me!

An intimate wedding is a wedding with 2-40 guests!




ALL packages include photography by myself (Dallas Olga Photo)

If I am unavailable for your date, photography is included by one of my team members (Dallas Olga Photo + co)

have you been to all these locations ?

I have been to and met vendors at all the locations in our pre=planned. If you are doing a custom designed elopement or intimate wedding- I have a long list of suggested locations, however- if you have a specific location in mind. I may have not have been to your location before. When planning in locations I have never been before- I travel to the international locations about a week prior to your wedding to iron out any of the details!




what is the diy opition ?


This is for the couples that want an adventure intimate wedding or elopement and don't know where to start- but are O.K with doing the planning themselves. DIY is when you hire me to do the photography & rough planning. We'll plan out your vision & I'll give you a list of "to-do's" and "to book". I will give you all the vendors needed and a rough outline of your day, I design your timeline & locations with you and am always here to answer any questions or assistance along the way.

Amber can be hired for your day of coordination additionally


I've been a wedding photographer for 12 years- and honestly, sometimes big traditional weddings can turn into a production. I fell in love with weddings years ago- and madly in love with intimate weddings. I can't even describe to you the difference a lack of 150 people makes. When couples shrink down their list, the doors of possibilities open- you no longer need a giant venue, the cost drops dramatically and you can literally go anywhere and do it anyway!

Besides that- the day itself is completely different! its no longer a long list of "to-do's" When your surrounded by just your closest people- the entire mood changes- you have no one to impress, no worries about running late, it just becomes a day to celebrate your love.

I have tried for years to convince my couples to shrink their guest list and make their wedding a less expensive, less stressful, less demanding day- but the thing is, when couples book me as their photograph they usually have their venue booked already. So this entire company was created to show couples that there is another amazing option- and to get to them before its too late. Its was also made to assist my couples every step of the way more offically then just their photographer!


are travel expenses included ?

My (Dallas') Travel expenses are included in all the pre-planned packages and select custom designed packages depending on location.

Your and your guests travel expenses are not included in the BASE PRICE. Ambers day of wedding coordination travel expenses are included throughout Alberta- international travel expenses not included.