I have been a wedding photographer for 12 years- and I am crazy passionate for intimate weddings. I've been to hundreds of weddings over the years and I can not express how amazing your wedding could be and the limitless possibilities that lay before you when you choose to have an intimate wedding. The quality time you get to spend with your family and your absolute closest friends is irreplaceable. After witnessing all those weddings over the years- my husband and I had 5 of our most precious people at our ceremony. And I am so thankful that I had that time with the most precious people in our lives.

I want nothing more then to share that opportunity with future couples. I have over a decade of experience in the wedding industry and know the drill from beginning to end. I have a long list of fantastic wedding vendors and beautiful locations and small venues all over the world. I am so ready to help you every step of the way creating and documenting your wedding experience.



My venture into the wedding planning business has just begun and I couldn't be more excited to start.

I live in central Alberta with my husband and three wonderful kids. My husband and I met in junior high and got together in high school. We have been together 11 years building a wonderful and chaotic life. If I had to describe myself with three words I would choose easy going, organized and ambitious. The more comfortable I become around you, you will also see a very sarcastic and humorous side. I love nothing more than to spend a day outdoors enjoying time with my family. Whether that be going for a picnic, a walk or just hanging out for the day. Before my family grew by three littles I spent a lot of my time in the mountains hiking, skiing and camping. I have always had an immense interest in designing and planning events. I started out with a small non-profit, planning

seasonal events and got my first taste of my true passion. I loved piecing together different aspects of the event from reaching out to other vendors, organizing the event schedule and designing the décor pieces. I would spend

hours pouring over resources finding the most unique and beautiful décor ideas. I also spent a lot of time experimenting on how to make these décor items come to life. My keen eye for detail and organizational skills allow me to excel in this position. I love meeting new clients and getting an idea of what their vision for the big day is and making it a reality. I will work with you to find your perfect venue, selecting and communicating with vendors, planning and styling your décor, overseeing rentals, securing accommodations, day of coordinator tasks and assist with anything else you may need. I would love chat with you about your wedding dreams!

I knew it was my calling to help others create a perfect day to celebrate them. I enjoy connecting and building a relationship with other vendors in the business to utilize their services and expertise to put together a truly memorable day for clients. I believe that the décor at your wedding can become a beautiful piece of art, a little creativity and hard work can make something stunning. My skills allow me to be the more organized side of DOAW. My tasks include being the day of coordinator, communicating and planning with the vendors, wedding day décor and styling, rental management , accommodation bookings and venue selection. I am so excited to become apart of the planning for your wedding/elopement day and anything else you need in between!