What is Dallas Olga

Adventure Weddings + Elopements

Hey there! I'm really excited and proud of you for being here!

Maybe you're just looking into the idea of a destination or adventure wedding, maybe you're just at the point that you are so tired of planning your 200+ person wedding for everyone else but yourself! Maybe you're just curious and have absolutely no intentions of actually booking!

Whatever the case is I'm glad you're here and I'm glad you're even considering the thought of trading in the big traditional wedding for something special just for you and your closest loved ones.

Intimate Wedding for the adventurous couple
Intimate Destination Wedding located at Pitt Lake in British Columbia

This wedding planning company is not meant for traditional weddings, weddings over 40 people, or weddings at large traditional wedding venues.

This is a wedding planning company for the

Non-traditional COUPLE

The elopers, the travelers, the introverts, the adventurers, its for ANYONE who would like to spend all day, all weekend or all week in a beautiful location whether that be in Canada or overseas with your closest loved ones rather than 8 hours shared amongst 200 friends and acquaintances for the same price tag.

So if you're ready to ditch the expectations of others and enjoy some quality with your closest love ones then check out our packages because there's a wedding fit for everyone!

for every person at your wedding - each will take time away from the others, choose your guests wisely

I have been a wedding photographer for the last 12 years, and I have seen a lot. One common theme I run into often, is the couple telling me they wish they had done a smaller wedding, for numerous reasons- cost, stress, the lack of time they had with their family.

I've also seen families gather in all kinds of unique areas all around the world to celebrate together for days, I've seen vows exchanged on mountain tops surrounded by best friends, I've seen 20 people stay together for a week at a family cabin.

I have a long list of locations all over Canada and all over the world where I've photographed, just waiting to be your beautiful wedding experience location.

With all that I've seen over the years..

I'm Dallas

Moraine Lake Intimate Wedding



I have learnt the meaning of an intimate wedding

An Intimate wedding is a wedding that becomes an intimate act when you feel fully free to be yourself, no expectations, no one to impress, no boxes to check. Just as much time as you want to spend with the people you love the most.

Its a wedding free of obligation- and decreased stress, its an amazing party and a smaller price tag.

When couples say to me "I wish we had done a smaller wedding" It breaks my heart to know they could have had just that and mixed in a magnificent family experience all for less cost.

After photographing all kinds of weddings over the years I would suggest an intimate wedding to any one of my couples. I could go on and on why I think everyone would benefit from shrinking down the guest list and opening the doors of endless possibilities for your wedding experience.

I dream of showing all the couples looking at planning their large wedding- that there is another way!

I'm a dreamer, a photographer, a scouter, a visionary. So its second nature for me to dream up your unique wedding experience!

I have a long list of wedding vendors that I've worked with in the past that are wonderful and as your photographer I'm always happy to share my list & any wedding ideas your open to! But in order to convince you that a smaller wedding is the way to go, I'd have to make it super easy right? Like offering a planning service that ties in with my experience in the field.

SO Dallas Olga adventure weddings was born...

I take the photos, I've got the vendors, I know the locations, I know how the day goes like the back of my hand - I can see the vision...

ONE big problem though

I'm no planner. Now my Dad always told me to know what your dumb at... and excel sheets, table settings, floral arrangements, gathering permits and organizing pretty much anything is not my strong suit.


Adventure Weddings + Elopement's Planner!

A detail orientated angel that fell right in front of me at the right time and place! I bring my experience in the wedding industry and my passion for unique, experience driven weddings and elopements. She brings the power of the left side of the brain! She is the detailed planner - the day of coordinator, the creator of beautiful décor, the organizer, vendor contacting angel that loves to plan and create!


with us you and your wedding are in experienced, excited, organized, visionary hands!

that want nothing more than for you to have the most wonderful day surronded by your most important people

1) Premade Packages-Starts at $5000+

This is where we do everything and you make as little decisions as necessary.

You can go through my prepackaged wedding packages where you can shop your elopement or intimate wedding , you choose your package, we have a meeting and go through the details. You have the opportunity to bring up any requests or questions you might have, and I take it from there! You literally just have to book your flights or take the drive and show up!




2) Custom Packages-Starts at $7000+

We do custom packages for elopements or intimate weddings up to 40 guest (dependent on location)

3)DIY option-Estimate $5000

I offer customized wedding plans free of charge when booking me for your photography for your adventure wedding.

When booking me to do your elopement/wedding photography, you get access to my vendors list for your location! I've put in the leg work, I've met up with the vendors, I've checked the venue and created these wedding packages with them- you'll just be in charge of contact them directly, customizing your order, booking each vendor and lining up the days events!

Amber is always available for day of coordination.

Costs obviously vary on destinations, your selection an amount of guests and weather or not you'd want a reception - We can not even start to estimate your custom design until I have come of the details.